Advancing Cell Therapy Development

Cancer cell therapy holds the promise to revolutionize the options for patients refractory to conventional treatments including immune checkpoint inhibitors. While CAR-T and other cell therapies have shown remarkable outcomes in hematologic malignancies, their efficacy in solid tumors has proved to be more challenging.

Only 1 cell therapy has been approved for solid tumors and a mere 14% of cell therapies advance from phase II trials. This is because solid tumors pose unique challenges for cell therapy migration, persistence, and exhaustion that limit efficacy.

The answers to cell therapy translational research can be found in complex biological models that bring together the human tumor microenvironment and dynamic culture systems.

Assess Migration and Efficacy in a Complex Tumor Environment

Xsphera’s human tissue platform recapitulates the complexity of each patient’s solid tumor environment and enables controlled studies to assess peripheral cell therapy migration through the ECM and subsequent tumor cell killing.

Migration and chemotaxis through heterogenous solid tumor environments

Persistence and exhaustion of cell therapy in diverse immune suppressive environments

Representation of human tumor diversity

Select the Best Candidate Before Clinical Trials

Use the Xsphera Platform to evaluate multiple cell therapy candidates within a single patient and across diverse patients.

Incorporate into Your Cell Therapy Development Process

Lead Optimization

Engineer candidates with maximized efficacy

Candidate Selection

Select for better cell therapy properties

Candidate Profiling

Prepare better clinical trials through patient stratification

Contact Our Team to Plan Your Study

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