Xsphera Platform

Human Tissue is the Best Predictor of Human Response

Animal models have proven to be insufficient for predicting human response to cancer drugs. Xsphera overcomes these limitations with a human tissue-based platform that accurately captures the dynamic response of the tumor microenvironment across the diversity of patients.

90% Of Oncology Drugs

Fail Clinical Trials

We confront a critical issue in oncology drug development: the overwhelming majority of new drugs fail to obtain regulatory approval. This creates immense stress for the medical community and obstructs the evaluation of other promising treatments. As a consequence, billions of dollars are wasted, and patients are left with limited options for care.

It’s Time for a Better Approach

Xsphera’s tumor tissue platform reveals the variability of human response

before clinical trials.

Our patented system uses fresh human tissue to create spheroids that preserve each patient’s unique tumor microenvironment. Spheroids are loaded into microfluidic devices and independently treated with multiple therapies.

Multi-omic response data is automatically integrated in a cloud analytics platform that informs every step of the drug development process.

Xsphera Ex Vivo Tumor Tissue and Cloud

Computing Platforms

Assess multiple drug responses on each patient’s tumor microenvironment

Cloud-based software analyzes sample data and treatment responses

Unlock the complexity of each patient response with cloud-based analytics

Get Started with Xsphera

No kits. No tumor procurement. No complex training.

Xsphera understands the importance of transparency and collaboration in drug development. Our team is here to support your team with study design, execution and analysis. We seamlessly integrate as an extension of your team, providing collaboration and transparency throughout the process.

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