Turning biopsy data

into improved outcomes

Our cloud software platform uses active tumor biopsies to accelerate the understanding of human responses to your tested therapy.

Xsphera Biosciences envisions a world where failure is no longer the most likely outcome in oncology clinical trials or patient responses to approved therapies. Our ex vivo platform, invented at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, is a powerful integration of biology and cloud computing that accelerates drug development and guides precision medicine.

Our proprietary process enables the simultaneous assessment of multiple therapeutics on a single patient-derived tumor specimen. Xsphera uniquely enables the study of single-variable testing, which is critical to understanding the response behavior of the tumor microenvironment and not possible with in vivo studies.

Approval of a single additional cancer therapy can improve

patient outcomes and generate $billions in revenue

But the vast majority

of new oncology drugs entering clinical trials fail to achieve

regulatory approval.

And only a minority of patients respond to approved immunotherapies from

try-and-see therapy selection.

The Drug Development

Industry’s Challenge

Lab instrumentation generates vast amounts of data which is stored across multiple siloed systems accessible only to specialists.

Images, transcriptomic signatures, genomic mutations, immune profiles, and cytokine data become disconnected from the sample and patient data.

Our breakthrough

Ex vivo platform is a novel combination of processes and technology that allows deep exploration of human responses to drug therapies.

Unlock the Mysteries of Drug Mechanisms

Xsphera unlocks the mysteries of drug mechanisms with our cloud software platform that integrates all of the complex multi-omic response data for each patient in a study into a unified, intelligent and accessible interface.

With Xsphera, novel therapeutics move forward into the clinic with confidence.




failure rates

Improved patient outcomes

Time & money


Human Tissue

is the best predictor

of Human Response

Mice are poor predictors of human response… making it difficult to identify the most promising drug candidates to advance into limited clinical trials.

Xsphera’s human tissue-based platform assesses responses of multiple drugs on patients’ active tumor microenvironments…helping identify the best candidates.

Human Tissue Predicts Human Response

High quality, live human tissue samples are sourced from our international clinical network. Xsphera then captures the entirety of each patient’s unique tumor microenvironment within multiple channels of microfluidic devices. Each channel is treated to measure response including the stimulation of immune-mediated tumor cell death.

Turn Overwhelming Data into Rapid Understanding

Drug developers are confronted with vast amounts of overwhelming and scattered data as they attempt to extract scientific understanding from study analytics. As a result, unquantifiable volumes of valuable study data sit un-analyzed on hard drives across the pharma industry.

With Xsphera, no data is left behind.

Our cloud-based platform ingests and integrates tissue, patient and results from all lab instrumentation into a single source of unified data. AI-driven algorithms automate deep analysis and put previously unknowable insights within reach.


The Xsphera mission is to build an integrated biology and cloud software platform

that enables understanding of why a patient responds to or resists cancer therapy.

Founded in 2018, based on

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute research

Exclusively licensed Dana-Farber patented technology

Delivered as a lab-in-the-cloud platform for drug development

Delivered as a functional therapeutic selector for precision medicine

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