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End-to-End Planning and Analysis

Your Partner in Intelligent Drug Development

Xsphera supports drug development teams with end-to-end planning and

analysis services that accelerate decision making. Our breakthrough ex vivo

platform is a novel combination of processes and technology that allows deep

exploration of human responses to drug therapies.


Complete drug study planning services.


Use live human tissue to test drug treatments.


View On-demand AI-driven study results.


Quickly adjust drug

and study.

Xsphera End-to-End Drug Assessment Solutions

The Xsphera ex vivo platform, invented at the Dana-Farber Cancer

Institute, is a powerful integration of biology and cloud computing that

accelerates drug development and guides precision medicine.

Drug Study Planning

Xsphera offers experienced drug study planning services. Our team will help you specify all study parameters including:

  • Study size
  • Tumor types
  • Treatment arms
  • Dosages
  • Analytics
  • Custom flow markers

The Xsphera platform allows drug development teams to:

  • Search, sort and filter studies
  • View study status
  • View drug study relationships

Test on Live Human

Tissue Samples

We believe human tissue is the best predictor of human response. Your drug will be tested on live human tumor tissue sourced from our international provider network.

  • High quality tissue samples
  • 15 international provider locations
  • Unaltered patient TME – includes immune activation and modulation
  • Assess multiple drug responses per patient

The Xsphera model and platform:

  • Preserves the tumor microenvironment
  • Allows drug development teams to track therapy selections and patient outcomes
  • Delivers integrated visualization of treatment response

Modern Software

to Understand Complex Data

Unlock the complexity of each patient’s response with AI-driven, cloud-based analytics.

  • Understand complex MOAs for response and resistance
  • Visualize a single or all patient responses simultaneously
  • Machine learning removes chances of human error
  • Quantitative and objective measures of response

The Xsphera Platform delivers real-time exploration of data:

  • Filtering by gene groups/pathways
  • Grouping by sample phenotype
  • Unsupervised ML Clustering
  • Pathway analysis
  • Integrated visualization of treatment response across all analysis types
  • Analysis of Drug MoA
  • Highlighted Resistance Mechanisms

Pivot Your Drug or Study

Based on Learnings

Xsphera works with your team to maximize analysis and learnings from your study data. Based on real-time evidence, your scientists are able to make informed decisions to adjust your drug or study.

  • Share data in a collaborative space
  • Iterative intelligent analysis
  • Gain new insights
  • Identify novel targets
  • Increase confidence going into clinical trials

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Applications for Drug Development

Accelerate Drug Development Timelines

  • Bring forward human response results prior to IND filing
  • Identify the most promising candidates to move forward into clinical trials
  • Assess efficacy
  • Compare responses of cytotoxicity & cell signaling vs. negative control
  • Compare candidate drug(s) against standard-of-care, combination therapies, … on the same tumor
  • Dose response studies
  • Understand Mechanism of Action (MOA) & Mechanisms of Resistance (MOR)
  • Analyze modulations of molecular pathways over time
  • Neutralize immune components to determine role in MOA

Reduce Drug Development Costs

  • Determine clinical trial strategy vs. standard-of-care
  • Eliminate trials that are not likely to demonstrate an improvement

Applications for Precision Medicine

Clinical Trial Patient Selection

  • Partner with biopharma clients for Tx candidates studied on Xsphera platform
  • Core needle biopsy to assess target Tx versus negative control

Companion Diagnostic (CDx)

  • Follow Tx’s from clinical trials through approval into the market as a CDx
  • Increase response rates by identifying relevant patient populations

Therapeutic Guidance

  • Assess efficacy for multiple therapeutics per patient
  • Guide oncologist’s therapeutic selection
  • Improve response rates and patient outcomes

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