From Tissue to

Data to Drugs

The Xsphera ex vivo platform, invented at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, is a powerful integration of biology and cloud computing that accelerates drug development and guides precision medicine. Our proprietary process enables the simultaneous assessment of multiple therapeutics on a single patient-derived tumor specimen.

Offering Proprietary Science

for Drug Development and Precision Medicine

Unique combination of tumor processing and microfluidics device

Critical to maintaining a complete and viable tumor microenvironment

Validated efficacies for mechanisms of action and mechanisms of resistance

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Procure Tumor Tissue

Qualified clinical sites

  • Ensure viability
  • Patient & IRB approval
  • Strong accrual rate

Process Tissue

Spheroid generation

  • Dana-Farber patented process
  • Histopathology assessment
  • Genomics profiling

Profile Immune and Tumor Cells

  • T cells, B cells, NK cells
  • Dendritic cells
  • Macrophages
  • Target expression

Test Treatments

  • Load spheroids in ECM per channel
  • 3-channels/study arm
  • One arm for negative control
  • Multiple arms for alternative therapies

Assess Treatments

  • Cytotoxicity
  • Cytokine expression
  • Gene expression
  • Automated processes
  • Direct to the cloud

Analyze Data

  • Per tumor
  • Entire study
  • Quantified to indicate relative response
  • Leverage gene expression 
to expose MOA & MOR

Interrogate and Explore

  • Target identification & verification
  • Interactive data analytics
  • Automated templates
  • Comparisons to standard-of-care studies

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Xsphera Bioscience Preserves the

Tumor Microenvironment for Each Tissue Sample

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