Go Beyond Biomarkers

to a Functional Assessment

of Individual Patient Response

Live human tumor tissue fully preserved in fluidic microenvironments for ex vivo drug testing combined with the power of cloud analytics platform accelerates successful clinical trials.

Too Many Oncology Drug

Therapies Fail in Clinical Trials

In vivo testing of engineered mice are notoriously poor predictors of human response. Add to that, vast amounts of overwhelming and scattered data that sits un-analyzed on hard drives. The result is: Drug after drug fails to pass FDA approval for lack of understanding.

It’s Time to Accelerate

Successful Clinical Trials

Gain rapid understanding of drug mechanisms for novel drug therapies with a powerful combination of live human tissue biology and cloud computing. Your therapies are tested in an ex vivo system that uses biopsies of patient tumors, preserving the tumor microenvironment unique to that patient.

Response data is captured and rapidly integrated in a cloud analytics platform to inform every step of your drug development process.

Meet The Xshpera Biology + Cloud Platform

for Accelerated Drug Development

Drug Study


Plan all the parameters of your study with our experienced team.

Live Human


Test on live human tumor tissue sourced from our international provider network.

AI-Driven Study Results

Unlock the complexity of each patient’s response with AI-driven analytics.

On-Demand Interrogation

Use real-time evidence to make informed decisions and adjust your drug or study.

Unleash new levels of understanding

Capture patient variability

for drug response

More successful drug development means better speed to market for the patient impact you’re looking for.

Live human tumor tissue for the study

of repeated single-variable testing

Simultaneous assessment of multiple therapeutics

on a single patient-derived tumor specimen

Integrate complex multi-omic response data – per patient – into a unified, intelligent and accessible cloud interface

Accelerate your understanding of why patients 

respond to or resist each tested therapy

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